Mouse Cre and CreERT2 zoo

Line Tg(Pgk2-creERT2)35.12.ICS

ID project: T58

The PHENOMIN Mouse Cre strains are cryopreserved as frozen embryos and/or sperm. The kind of material that is specifically available can be known upon request at PHENOMIN-ICS
A rederivation service is also provided on demand.

Once a request of interest is received, you will be contacted by email within two weeks to give you an up-to date availability of the requested line. Please visit the PHENOMIN Repository listing.

Kind of material Quantity Delivery time1 Fees2
Frozen embryos3 50 embryos 4 weeks 1740€
Frozen sperm3,4 2 straws 4 weeks 1740€
Rederivation of mice from frozen stock3 3-4 mice 4-6 months 3880€

1) From the time when all paperwork is in place.

2) In addition customers have to cover all the shipping costs.

3) The default archival and distribution material is heterozygous.

4) Only recommended for customers who have IVF capability.